Limited discounted housing for the conference will be available on the campus of the University of Edinburgh (at Chancellor Court, part of the Pollock Halls complex) right next to the meeting and dining facilities. You will be able to choose between single rooms with private bathroom (at about $100 a night, including breakfast) and double rooms with private bathroom (at about $125 a night, including breakfast). The discounted rate will apply to Friday, Saturday, and Sunday night (August 6,7,and 8, 2010) and payment will be included in the conference fee at registration time. You will be charged for the rooms in the registration process, and rooms will be assigned on a first come basis.

Rooms will also be available to those wishing to extend their stay at University housing prior to Friday, August 6th, or beyond Monday, August 9th (shoulder nights). Rates for extended stay are 79 pounds for a single, including breakfast (about $130 a night) or 99 pounds for a double, including breakfast (about $160 a night) and must be booked and paid via the University Accommodations Office directly.

IMPORTANT!! To reserve rooms for the shoulder nights only please email our contact person at the University of Edinburgh's Accommodations Office at , and mention the International conference so that you can stay in the same room. In the email to Kate please specify all the following:

Event: The International Conference, August 6-8, 2010
Your name
Number of guests
Room type: Single, double with one bed, or twin with two beds
Shoulder nights you wish to reserve (NOT to include August 6, 7, or 8)
Date of arrival
Date of departure
Credit card info (must be provided for booking).

Upon receipt of your email you will be contacted by the Accommodations Office

You can read more about accommodations at the University at: We have been advised that these accommodations are rather popular for August and that reservations should be made by Spring, 2010, at the latest.

If you have questions about this arrangement please contact Michael Stern at: