Book #1


Forbidden Thoughts, Forbidden Acts in Psychoanalysis
Brent Willock, Lori C. Bohm, Rebecca Curtis

To the courageous and innovative thinkers in our field who dare to look at and question matters one is not always encouraged to examine, doubt, or challenge.
It can only serve the ‘cause’ Freud first started if we continue to ask all possible questions, considering nothing as too great a taboo to challenge. – Paul Roazen




Lori C. Bohm, Ph.D.

On Taboo
1. Taboo: Its Origins and Its Current Echoes – James S. Grotstein
2. Some Taboo Implications of Current Fashions in Psychoanalysis – Morris Eagle

Expressions of Eros
3. Sexual Excitement in the Transference-Countertransference Situation–Charles Spezzano
4. Sexual Taboo in the Analyst: Yes or No? -- Ronald Ruskin
5. Grappling with Tenderness in Psychoanalysis – Janet McCullough

Transcending Traditional Thought: Buddhism and Spirituality
6. Self or No Self: Psychoanalytic and Buddhist Perspectives on Neuroendocrine Events and Subjective Experience – Robert Besner
7. There’s More than Meets the I: Psychoanalytic Reflections on Spirituality – Jeffrey
B. Rubin

Financial Affairs
8. Down Low and Dirty: Talking about how Money Matters, Especially on a Sliding Scale – Janet Tintner
9. For a Fistful of Dollars: Handling Cash – Mark V. Mellinger
10. When the Patient has more Real World Power than the Analyst – Jill Howard
11. The Analyst and the Bribe – Adam Phillips

Confidentiality–Too Much or Too Little?
12. Confidentiality in the Public Realm: What and Whose is it? – Harriette Kaley

Facing Real World Issues
13. Psychoanalysis and the Real World: Can Psychoanalysis Exist Outside the Consulting Room – Mark B. Borg, Jr., Emily Garrod, Michael Dalla, Jr. & Jennifer McCarroll
14. When Analysts Need to Retire – Peter Fonagy
15. Behind Closed Doors: What Analysts Say to One Another about the Practice of Psychoanalysis – Richard Hansen

Self-Disclosure: To Do or Not to Do?
16. Non-Countertransferential Self-Disclosure – Daniel Gensler
17. Analytic Safety and the Analyst’s Availability as a Subject – Anton Hart
18. To Know Without Being Told and to Allow Oneself to Say – Martha Hadley

Proscribed Interventions
19. The Use of “Extratherapeutic” Activity as a Means to Resolve a Therapeutic Impasse – Bruce Herzog
20. Touch – James L. Fosshage

21. What is Taboo and Not Taboo in Psychoanalysis? – Rebecca Curtis
22. Looking Back, Facing Forward: ‘Final’ Thoughts on Taboo – Brent Willock

Book #2


Psychoanalytic Reflections on Finality, Transformations, New Beginnings


Brent Willock, Lori C. Bohm, Rebecca C. Curtis

List of Contributors

Part I: Overture to Finality
1. Thoughts for our Times on Transience and Transformation -- Brent Willock

Part II: Grief and Mourning

2. Transforming Mourning: A New Psychoanalytic Perspective – Anna Aragno
3.Individuals and Societies as “Perennial Mourners”: Their Linking Objects and Public
Memorials – Vamik Volkan
4.Affects, Reconfiguration of Self and Self-States in Mourning the Loss of a Son –
Judith Lingle Ryan
5.Failure to Mourn: The Brutal Bargain – Gail White
6.Outside the Consulting Room: Ritual, Mourning and Memory – Joyce Slochower

Part III: Childhood and Adolescence 7. On Losses that are not Easily Mourned—Michael O’Loughlin

8.Looking at the Film, American Beauty, through a psychoanalytic lens – Anita Katz
9.Reclaiming the Relationship with the Lost Parent following Parental Death during
Adolescence – Glenys Lobban

10. Darth Mader: The Dark Mother – Sara Weber

Part IV: Violence and Terror
11. Sometimes, a Fatal Quest: Losses in Adoption – David Kirschner
12.What is Paranoid in a Paranoid World? Transference and Countertransference in
the Wake of the World Trade Center Attack – Veronica Fiske
13. Just Some Everyday Examples of Psychic Serial Killing: Psychoanalysis, Necessary
Ruthlessness, and Disenfranchisement – Mark Borg

Part V: Contemporary Considerations Pertaining to Freud’s Death Instinct

14.Notes on Negativity – Karen Lombardi
15. Matte Blanco, the Death Drive, and Timelessness – Ross Skelton

Part VI: Working with Dying Patients

16. Lessons from Hospice: When the Body Speaks – Sharron Kaplan
17. A Relational Perspective on Working with Dying Patients in a Nursing Home –
Stephen Long
18. Love and Death: A Clinical Exploration of Affect Sharing – Bruce Herzog

Part VII: Insights from (and to) Literature

19. Lifetime and Deathtime: Reflections on the Novels of Joyce and Beckett – Olga Cox
20. Acceptance of Mortality through Aesthetic Experience with Nature – Yuko Katsuta

Part VIII: Termination

21.The Long Goodbye: Omnipotence, Pathological Mourning, and the Patient who
Cannot Terminate -- Rita Frankiel

22.On the Death of Stephen Mitchell: An Analysand’s Remembrance – Rebecca C. Curtis

23.On Sudden Endings and Self-Silencing – Ionas Sapountzis

Part IX: Conclusion

24. The Transformative Potential in the Working Through of Deaths and Endings -- Lori C. Bohm

Forthcoming Publications

Book in preparation arising from Cape Town Joint Psychoanalytic Conference:
Lobban, G., O’Loughlin, M., & Smith, C. (Eds.). Psychodynamic psychotherapy in
Contemporary South Africa: Theory, practice, and policy perspectives.

Willock, B., Bohm, L. & Curtis, R. (eds.). Loneliness and Longings:
Psychoanalytic Perspectives on a Crucial Dimension of the Human Condition.